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Submitted on
February 16, 2013


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Emotes: Chat event, AHP + features

Sat Feb 16, 2013, 10:07 AM

Chat event

I briefly mentioned last week that the date for the next emote community chat event has been set. i can confirm that it will take place on:

Saturday, 23rd Feb @ 9PM GMT in the #Seniors chatroom

We have organised 3 fun events (including an emote trivia session) that are suitable for not only emoticonists, but anyone from the dA community. Each event will have an awesome set of prizes on offer, so it is well worth joining in, even if you can't make the whole thing.

We are accepting prize donations. If you would like to offer anything please note myself or leave a comment on this poll.

We would also really appreciate if you could help promote the event though journals, polls and word of mouth. We would love to see a great turnout for this special event. :heart:

Art History Project


ArtHistoryProject have announced that in March they will be featuring the Customization gallery. As Emoticons falls into that category they are looking for a range of deviants to write articles about emoticons.

These articles could be general emote features, interviews, chat events or anything else that may be appropriate to be featured across the month. You can find out more on this journal


The One Place Where Heroes Exist by BassMessiah

M-M-Monsters don't exist! by BassMessiah PacMan goes heart by BassMessiah Fight for love by BassMessiah

What are you waiting for kid? by a-kid-at-heart

Share a little love... by a-kid-at-heart Emote Seasons by a-kid-at-heart Helium by a-kid-at-heart

:super-la: by BenediktXVII

the photographer by BenediktXVII :epic: by BenediktXVII mowing the lawn by BenediktXVII

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Eightence Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Argh :hmm:
Not that GMT stuff on my way again :grump:
I got confused... I think that in Greece we are in the GMT +2 time zone...

This means... That the chat event will be at 11pm here?
Someone help, I am stupid.
:nod: Greece is 2 hours ahead so it will start at 11pm
Eightence Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay, I got it right :happybounce:
I'll try to be there ^^
I would do something for the Art history project but I have no clue what I should write. :hmm:
alexandrasalas Feb 17, 2013   Digital Artist
Maybe write a little history of emoticons on deviantART? :D
Could always do something like pick 10 emotes from each year to feature, or do an interview or something
hmm.. ^DistortedSmile is already doing an Emoticon feature. And I can't think of any questions for an interview. :lol: And I am terrible at writing news articles :lmao:
Maybe have a word with her and see what area of emotes you could feature so it is different from her set.

Also, would you be willing to glance over my article before it is released just to check that you feel everything is correct and in order? :)
oh and if you still need to browse the Emoticon gallery from the beginning: I saved each page of the gallery (to collect the Emotes for the ~Emoticon-Gallery I still have so much work to do :stare:)
You can find them here: [link] (About 150 pages in each rar file (except for part8 and 9) ) (i hope it works :lol:)
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