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Submitted on
December 22, 2012


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Chat Event

To celebrate the holiday season, BlissfullySarcastic and I decided to run 2 chat events this month for the emote community. The first was held on Friday 21st, 9PM GMT and the next on Saturday 22nd, 4PM GMT to help open up the event to people living in different areas of the world.

Each day we had 3 different events lined up covering a wide range of emoticon related topics from a pixel challenge, to an Emoticon Legend quiz. Below you will find a round up of the first event. You can find part 2 on this page:

Emote Legend Trivia

During this quiz, we had 12 questions lined up. The first 7 questions related directly to the Emote Legend whilst the remaining 5 required participants to hunt out holiday themed emoticons from around deviantART

Question 1
Which emote is listed directly below the :holly: emote on the Emote Legend when listed 'Alphabetical'?
Answer: :hooray: ( :hooray: )
Winner: otohime0394

Question 2
Which deviant created the :rudolph: emote on the Emote Legend
Answer: soup
Winner: SparklyDest

Question 3
How many spikes are there on the :sun: emote from the Emote Legend
Answer: 7 spikes
Winner: MerelyCubed

Question 4
How many emotes are listed under the 'Seasonal' section of the Emote Legend when listed by Category?
Answer: 10 emotes
Winner: SparklyDest

Question 5
What is the non-seasonal version of the :alienxmas: emote on the Emote Legend
Answer: :alien: ( :alien: )
Winner: CassidyPeterson

Question 6
There are 2 snow-related emotes on the Emote Legend, what are they?
Answer: :snowing: and :snowflake:
Winner: Wooded-Wolf

Question 7
Which emote is listed 7th in the 'Seasonal' section of the Emote Legend when listed by Category?
Answer: :santa: ( :santa: )
Winner: MerelyCubed

Question 8
BoffinbraiN made a revamp of the :snowing: emote. Find the emote and post a :thumb: code.
Answer: Snowy by BoffinbraiN
Winner: CassidyPeterson

Question 9
Can you find NinjuhBunneh's Hanukkah-themed emote. Find the emote and post a :thumb: code.
Answer: Hanukkah Emote by NinjuhBunneh
Winner: Eitvys200

Question 10
Track down priteeboy's Christmas-themed emote. Find the emote and post a :thumb: code.
Answer: Damn Neighbours by priteeboy
Winner: Eitvys200

Question 11
Mirz123 has a Kwanzaa-themed emote in her gallery. Find the emote and post a :thumb: code.
Answer: Happy Kwanzaa Sign Plz by Mirz123
Winner: CassidyPeterson

Question 12
melonhead-emotion made a snow-themed emoticon. Find the emote and post a :thumb: code.
Answer: Frosty by melonhead-emotion
Winner: MerelyCubed

Muro challenge

Participants had 30 minutes to make an emote muro drawing with a doomsday/apocalyptic theme. You can find a full list of entries in the comment section of this journal

1st Place

by MerelyCubed

2nd place

by Wooded-Wolf

Honourable mentions

by otohime0394

by icefire8521

Treasure hunt

Participants were challenged to find 13 of presents hidden around the WeEmote page. By arranging them to fill the slots on a given sheet, the letters on each present spelt out the link to a file hidden on

You can find a copy of the finished sheet here: [link coming soon]

To complete the Treasure Hunt deviants had to upload their finished sheet to . They then had to follow the link and leave a comment on the hidden deviation to their completed sheet.

The first 3 deviants to complete the challenge would win special prizes. In addition, any deviant who completed the challenge by a set time were entered into a raffle and two random winners were picked.


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Raffle Winners

Hikara-chan and Kohaku0827

Part 2

To prevent this journal getting too long by featuring both chat events together, we have split the article into 2 parts. Be sure to check out part 2 here: