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November 25, 2012
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Race to Victory Mountain by Synfull Race to Victory Mountain by Synfull
This is another page I developed for my gift to =Kyramy for her birthday back in June. The original version had a number of OCs in and several references to random jokes which wouldn't make much sense without a long and complicated back story. Therefore I've spent a bit of time touching it up in places and tweaked 3 of the 6 scenes to make the piece more suitable for a wider audience.

The deviation focuses around the emotes racing to the top of Victory Mountain shown in the top right image. The green emote has become stranded on the island at the start due to the volcano becoming active. The yellow has become trapped on an island after being chased by a number of sharks. The blue has got a bit lost so is checking the directions whilst another emote has become exhausted in the desert. The purple emote is nearly at the finish and two emotes decided to sit out of the race and just watch from the distance. To help give a wider picture of the scene there is a map in the middle and you can just about see all of the emotes in their correct positions.

The original deviation was made back in February and 10 months down the line I'm still proud of the piece. I feel a tad ashamed that I used so much transparency to merge colours - something I've improved on since - but I didn't want to spend ages recreating each scene. I'm also not overly keen on the number of clouds. Originally each scene had a name which covered the top section of each image which was removed as the names were no longer appropriate. I may however consider adding names back in and rename each location at a later date.
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SparklyDest Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Your pixel skillz are drool-worthy.

:drool: <--I wasn't kidding.

nice picture! and i love the volcano and the guy in quicksand! Keep up your smiley work! ^_^
Also merry christmas
:D Thank you, and same to you
I really like that you added the complete scene in the middle and you did a great job on each of the pieces :boogie:
Oktanas Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic job once again.
This is super cute. :heart: Even though you used transparency to change your colors, you still did a great job, and you're still improving so much. :love:
:heart: Thanks. It's a shame I don't find time/motivation to make more like this
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