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January 19, 2012
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Dragon V3c by Synfull Dragon V3c by Synfull
Edit 22-1-12 (Version 3c)
An additional few minor teaks. Added some small rocks to connect the background rocks to the floor. I also reverted the clouds to the previous version since it was pointed out the cartoon-y style fitted the dragon more.

- Reverted the clouds
- Added small rocks between the background and floor
- Added some dirt to the floor
- Applied a slight brown tint to the rocks in the background

Edit 21-1-12 (Version 3b)
Having improved the ground from my second version, the sky was looking extremely plain, so I decided to work on some rocks for the background. They were made using the same principles of the floor, though I tried adding some moss to help break up the area.

I then added some different clouds based on this tutorial. I'm still not 100% sure of them, but they seem to fit the scene slightly better than the previous cartoon type clouds.

Original (Version 3a)
This is the third version of my dragon emote. I've chosen to upload it separately as I quite like seeing the progression between each of the versions C:

When I made the first version of this emote I loved it to bits. I was thrilled how the dragon came out and opted to add a simple background so its not simply floating in space. However over time I grew to dislike it and I felt it failed on both of my aims: 1) To improve my skills and 2) To be proud of what I make

Normally I would leave it and move on, but ^krissi001 gave me an awesome critique outlining some simple improvements which would vastly help the piece. Although I understood her advice, I didn't feel I was able to implement it as I had no knowledge of making more complex pixel backgrounds, and wasn't able to work it out from any examples.

However, earlier today I spotted an awesome tutorial which gave me the motivation to give the improvements a shot.

In all the edits in this version include:

- Removing the animation as it didn't fit the piece
- Adding a proper pixel floor
- Moving one eye slightly
- Slightly editing the colours
- Minor changes to the shadow
- Update to the clouds

It's still not 100% how I would like it, but it's getting there. If anyone knows of a good pixel cloud tutorial let me know :3

Dragon reference: [link]
Floor tutorial: [link]
Cloud tutorial: [link] (Version 3b only)

Previous Versions

Version 3a [link]
Version 3b [link]
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